A professional manufacturer of sound equipment AEPEL

As a specialized manufacturer of sound equipment, we have overcame the difficult internal and external environment and conditions since its establishment in 1998. We have been making remarkable progress in the industry.

Excellent manpower and technology AEPEL

The outstanding manpower and technology secured with steady R&D investment have been recognized in the market for its superior quality. The market-friendly and customer-oriented corporate culture together further strengthen the company’s position as a "professional manufacturer of sound equipment."

Recognized in the global market AEPEL

AEPEL have delivered its excellent products to the leading companies in Korea, and has won numerous competitions in various large-scale facilities such as Suwon and Sangam World Cup Stadium, Suwon World Cup Stadium over many other competitive foreign brands.
With our technological strength and quality as a weapon, we are also aggressively exploring overseas markets beyond Korea. We have been steadily increasing exports by diversifying our customer base to Europe, North America and South America.

Competing with the best technology and quality AEPEL

In addition, we acquired Groovy in January 2016, and Sessionman in in 2017. We became the first company in Korea to stand as a comprehensive audio-visual equipment company.